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Harnham Schools and Us.


Harnham Parish Churches (All Saints’ & St George’s) were, many years ago, the founding organisations for two schools in Harnham. These have now merged to become the single Harnham C of E Junior School. Harnham Infant School does not have the same formal link to the local church, but still receives our support, it sits side by side with the juniors on the same site, and is the major feeder school for the Junior School.

The Church of England has always been a major supporter of education in this country since the 19th century, and still today strongly supports education for all ages.

Here in Harnham we take our responsibilities to the local schools very seriously and provide three of the governors for the Junior School. The Vicar regularly visits the schools and children from the Junior School visit our Churches to celebrate the major Christian festivals. The School Choir has also sung and supported the joint service held in the junior school hall with our friends from the Harnham Free Church.

Each July at the Year 6 Leaver’s Celebration at the Harnham Junior School, our vicar takes part in the service and the parish churches present each child with a small booklet containing useful hints and advice to help them as they transfer to their new school.