Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Harnham Parish is entitled to have 12 elected members of the laity on the Parochial Church Council (PCC), due to the fact that there are almost 200 members on the Church Electoral Roll.

The PCC meets six times during the year. Once a year there is the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, which can be attended by anyone on the Church Electoral Roll.

The following people serve on the PCC:

PCC picture 15


Revd. Becky Roberts                                 Vicar
Revd. Julian Poppleton                            Assistant Priest

Sister Theresa Mary                                  Parish Worker

Charles Woodd                                          Churchwarden at St.George’s
Jane Greenaway                                        Churchwarden at All Saints

Joanna Woodd                                           Deanery Synod Representative
David Baker                                                Deanery Synod Representative
Vacant                                                          Deanery Synod Representative
Vacant                                                          Deanery Synod Representative


  1.    Nich Brown
  2.    David Bartlett
  3.    Olivia Thomson
  4.    David Stone
  5.    Pam Macklin
  6.    Kate Mash
  7.   Tony Mercer
  8.   Sue Reeder
  9.   Julia Woodford
  10.   Vacant
  11.   Vacant
  12.    Vacant


Treasurer – Michael Fisher


Linda Baker                                     PCC Secretary and Parish Administrator

In addition to the PCC and Standing Committee meetings there are a further 8 committees responsible for different aspects of the parish.  They are:


Enable vision and strategy for church community eg. mission statement, mission action plan

  • Review mission in light of recent research
  • Communicate mission and vision to wider church
  • Stewardship campaign
  • Review Awaygiving and support of mission and evangelism
  • Ensure mission and evangelism are a priority


  • Review worshipping life of church
  • Plan special services
  • Plan music for services
  • Plan and review learning about the Christian faith


  • Organise a variety of social events
  • Organise events that support new members of the church and the range of ages
  • Organise events that engage with various age groups in the wider community to promote the Mission of the Parish


  • Reveiw and improve how the Parish churches communicates with the church and wider community
  • include computer media, church links, notice boards in church and outside church, leaflets, publicity, magazine


  • Two church properties – All Saints, St.George’s
  • Plan and review the upkeep of church buildings in line with the Quinquenniel inspection reports
  • Be proactive about promoting best use of church buildings in line with the mission of the church


  • Promote best use of the hall as a building that serves the community
  • Plan and review the upkeep of the hall
  • The hall transformation project
    There is a separate committee responsible for fundraising for the hall transformation project.


Includes Messy Church, Junior School Foundation Governors,  3B’s, links to St George’s Toddlers and Youth Group

  • Plan and review activities that promote wellbeing of children in our community
  • Enable children to learn about the love of God


  • Build up links with Groups, organisations and people in Harnham.
  • Use the various buildings and green spaces to hold events.
  • Build on the events from 2015
  • Make more of the “Friends of Harnham Churches” and encourage new members.
  • Seek to involve new people.
  • Raise funds for the Church.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting is on Wednesday 21st October, 7.30pm venue tbc.

Annual Accounts

Annual Report 2020  APCM Annual Report 2020 A4 sizeOTU



Safeguarding Representative:   Mrs Pam Macklin

Safeguarding Policy Page 1

Safeguarding Policy Page 2

Safeguarding Policy Page 3

Guidelines for all workers Appendix 2

Safeguarding Policy is reviewed annually.  (Next review due March 2019)

Church of England Safeguarding Policy


Harnham Parish Legacy Policy OTU November 2018


Eco Church Policy 2019

Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Notice for Harnham 2018 OTU cw rev