Regular services

It is a delight to have been able to gather together to worship in our church buildings again. 

  • There are limits to the amount of worship we can offer due to those who warden, welcome and ensure social distancing within the age restrictions in the Church of England guidance.  
  • We would like to reassure people that worship in church is safe as we follow guidelines and part of that means using a booking system so that we can track and trace anyone if needed, just like pubs and hotels do!
  • We are fortunate to be able to provide alternative services using the outdoor space owned by the PCC that falls within the guidelines. Do book a place for these, which will be services of the word with singing from the ‘professionals’.

Service dates for August/September 2020

It’s important to book a place for these services:  07925 108856 or email:

20th September   
10.30am Outdoor Harvest Communion worship on Parish Hall Field


We will continue to send out our reflections to those unable to attend.  These can be viewed below.  Some reflections will continue to be uploaded to our Harnham You Tube channel. Do have a look!

Reflections and Services to use during this difficult time.

Harvest Festival 2020 reflection

September 13th 2020 Creationtide Reflection
Creationtide communion Sept 12th

Service creationtide plus baptism
Let there be light! Reflection 6 Sept 20

God our Reedemer – Reflection for 30th August 2020
Service 30th August

Reflection Inclusivity 16th August 2020
Service outdoor worship August hymn versionOTU

Service 9th August (1)
Reflection 9th August2020OTU

Reflection August 2nd
Service 2nd August (1)

Hope reflection for 26th July 2020
Service for outdoor worship July 2020 (2)

Reflection for 5th July 2020

Reflection for 28th June 2020 OTU

A Service for Fathers Day

Reflection for 21st June 2020

Where is God when life hurts reflectionOTU

Trinity Sunday reflection

Trininty service in isolation

Pentecost 2020 (1)

Pentecost Service available on our You Tube site:

A reflection for Pentecost

Praying at difficult times

Hymns and music… in difficult times

Reflections for the Sunday after Ascension

Ascension Day reflection is available on our You Tube site:

Thy kingdom Come prayers


The feast of the Ascension service

A reflection on the meaning of the Ascension

Rogation Communion Service available You Tube.  Link:–r5MQuO0nbtVRI2Q
Rogation Communion Service 2020 (1)

Reflections easter Rogation

Reflection Jesus the Way

Good Shepherd Sunday reflections

Reflection on St George’s Patronal Festival (1)

Easter 2 reflections 19th April 2020

Eastertide service in isolation

Easter Day reflection

Good Friday Reflection JP

Maundy Thursday reflection

A Reflective Service for those in isolation.

Reflection for Mothering Sunday

Passion Sunday reflection



1st Sunday       11am    Communion

2nd Sunday      8am    Communion  (BCP)

3rd  Sunday     11am    Communion

4th  Sunday      8am    Communion

5th  Sunday     United Morning Service.  (see diary for details)

(Coffee is served from 10.30 am before all 11 am services)



1st Sunday     9.30am   Parish Communion

2nd Sunday   9.30am   Parish  Communion

3rd  Sunday   9.30am   Parish Communion

4th  Sunday   9.30am   Parish Communion

5th  Sunday    United Morning Service.  (see diary for details)

(Coffee is served after all 9.30 services)

NOTE. Combined Parish Communion for Patronal Festivals.


No Tuesday or Wednesday morning prayer until further notice (from 1/1/18)

2nd Sunday     3.00pm             Messy Church (until 5.30pm)                  Church Hall

Monday           1.30pm               Bumps, Babies and Blessings  (3B’s)     Church Hall

Tuesday            9.15am              Morning Prayer                                           All Saints

Tuesday          2.00pm               Bible Study                                                   20 Middle Street

Wednesday     9.15am              Morning Prayer                                            St George’s

Wednesday     9.30am              St George’s Toddlers                                  Church Hall

1st Wednesday  8.00pm           Pause for a pint                                           Oak Room, Rose and Crown

Thursday         10.00am            Holy Communion                                       St George’s
(2nd Thursday Mother’s Union Corporate)

2nd Thursday   7.30pm            Pause for Prosecco                                     Harnham Social Club

1st Thursday    10.45am            Parish Prayer Group                                  See Diary

Thursday          7.30pm              Bible Study                                                  Brympton House

Saturday         10.00am            Coffee (until noon)                                      All Saints