Prayer and Prayer Groups


Thy Kingdom Come is the Archbishop’s worldwide call to prayer and takes place between Ascension day and Pentecost. In Harnham we will be using different daily foci for our prayers. We will use images, reflections, and prayers of the saints to enable our own listening and response to God. We hope that these prayers will bring forth the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives that people in our community may know that the Kingdom of God is near to them.

Morning and afternoon  prayers will last for ½ hour.

On Saturdays All Saints Church will have prayer stations around the church, for people to read and pray with at their leisure.

Please see the plan below and do come along. All welcome.

Revd Becky



Day Time and Place Theme of the prayers
Thursday 30th May  


10am SG Ascension day service

AS 7.30pm Ascension day walk

Ascension of Christ
Friday 31st May Midday Prayers Praise
Saturday 1st June 10-12 AS Prayer stations Thanksgiving
Monday  3rd June Noon prayers AS Sorry
Tuesday 4th June 9.15 morning prayers AS Offer
Wednesday 5th June  

9.15 morning prayers SG

4pm prayers SG

Pray for


Thursday 6th June 4pm prayers SG Adore
Friday 7th June Noon prayers Celebrate
Saturday 8th June 10- 12 AS Prayer stations Silence
Sunday  9th June Pentecost Holy Spirit


Thy kingdom come light day 1

Thy kingdom come thanks day 2

Thy kingdom come sorry day 3

Thy kingdom come offer day 4 v2

Thy kingdom come pray for day 5

Thy kingdom come pray for day 6

Thy kingdom come pray for day 7

Thy kingdom come Silence day 8



9.15am on Wednesdays at St.George’s
(Prayer time usually 25 minutes)

12.00noon on Fridays at All Saints
(Format will be readings and intercession around the cross of Christ based on the Franciscan daily office.  Prayer time usually 25 minutes)





The Parish Prayer Group meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at 10.45am.   There are around 7 members and they take it in turns to host the meeting.  Prayers are said for the parish and Worldwide.